The Sheds

The proposals for the sheds have developed out of an appreciation of their impressive architectural structure coupled with an obvious need to provide a safer/less intimidating thoroughfare for members of the public wishing to use the towpath route between the Great West Road and Brentford Lock basin.

The sheds have a fantastic sculptural presence that straddle the waterway and the land and represent a pivotal landmark within the surrounding landscape.

We are celebrating the industrial heritage of Brentford, creating a beacon of light – visible to walkers cyclists and motorists using Great West Road – on the key pedestrian route to Brentford High Street, opening sight lines at key points improving the feeling of safety for pedestrians.

The idea to ‘open up’ the sheds and introduce dynamic lighting would draw attention to their impressive volume and help re-activate the space for greater public/social usage.

The idea to re-clad the framework of the sheds using a predominately vertical strip timber design would re-connect the sheds visually with other sheds further south on the canal and also soften their appearance. By incorporating additional cut designs into the wood cladding it would also be possible to reference some of the market gardening history of Brentford whilst enhancing the unique sculptural qualities of the sheds.

This is an opportunity to create an impressive unique artwork within the public realm that connects elements of local history. The idea is to develop/return the sheds into a key landmark as part of Brentford’s canal heritage in anticipation of their eventual redevelopment as part of ISIS’ Brentford Lock development.

Sculpturally, the sheds would act as a ‘beacon’ drawing people along the canal from the north and the south to explore and enjoy the towpath route.

Presently, the sheds are clad in sheets of old corrugated iron that although practical, only serves to reinforce their un-inviting industrial / hard image.
The sheds will be reclad in marine plywood panels with a laser-cut leaf motif to let in more light during the day.