Market Place

The Market Place will be a new active Heart for the High Street. The new place could host weekly or monthly markets, events and on a daily basis be activated with people meeting for coffee or lunch.

The place could also be activated by children playing in small fountains within new paving which extends the character of the Butts into the High Street.


We are pursuing the expansion of the market square’s character and potential, building a positive relationship with the Magistrates Court development and creating a thriving social space on the heart of the High Street. This move also strengthens the proposed link from the High Street to the canal via Tallow Road.

We have introduced visible water on the High Street, using a single weeping willow tree and a small water feature for children to play with.

We propose a flexible urban space for markets and events which will accommodate both small weekly markets of about 6 stalls and markets of maximum 12 stalls.

Paving materials proposed and detailed signs at pavement level will reflect the historic signs of Brentford.

Conversion of one of the shops to a bike shop and cafe, bike stands and a public bicycle pump will advertise a visible cycle culture in the heart of the High Street.
Signage special to the Market Place
In-ground signage marking the entrances to the new civic space.
Approach to
paving: Integrated mix
of old and 2 tones of
new yorkstone paving
and setts

Waterside presence
on the High Street

Palette of materials
A combination of re-used
existing yorkstone paving
materials with compacted