Making the Connection

Making the Connection between the Golden Mile and the High Street aims to bring more business and activity to the High Street.

During the development of this scheme, lots of different ideas to improve the connection between the Great West Road and Brentford High Street were explored. These included:

– The Moving High Street – We proposed to invite shops, cafes, artists etc. in the area to use a series of moving elements such as a barge and delivery bikes to reach and sell their produce to a larger audience, specifically along the canal route leading to the workers at the Golden Mile.

- Brentford Bridge willow tree and planter – We proposed to plant a willow tree and a raised planter near Brentford Bridge, to reinforce the link and create a gateway to the waterway.

- Canal-side Piazza access to High Street – This proposal was to imporve accessibility and the interface between the development and the High Street by using a unifying seat/ edge detail.

- Signage – We porposed to use special signage at key locations throughout the area, reflecting local cultural significance and improving legibility of routes.

All of these ideas were carefully considered and assessed against the requirement to deliver capital projects within the timescales and budget of the OLF programme.

We still feel that these ideas have the potential to make a significant positive impact on the local area and community, and we will continue to show our support for these interventions although this will not be through the LF funding.

Making the Connection